Dealing with Stress

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Both internal and external circumstances can cause stress

Some people have or will have experienced stress and anxiety at least once in their lifetime. For others, it may be a frequent occurrence, due to either ongoing issues or because you are more subject to it due to your metabolism. The quick pace of modern times has also made this psychological problem a more prevalent one. More people than ever are now victims of stress and its consequences. Here, we will try to help you with a small yet effective guide to deal with stress.

How to deal with workplace stress

According to a survey, eight out of ten Americans have anxiety in the workplace. Overwhelming responsibilities, deadlines, disruptive or challenging employees, demanding or rude supervisor, personal relationships while in the workplace or other apprehensive workplace issues could be sufficient to cause discomfort to you of what would otherwise be a standard day at work . This in turn could result in numerous consequences, not the least being inhibited from your ability to concentrate on your job. This then can result to becoming error prone, being subject to reprimands and possible termination. On a daily basis, the hardship of trying to keep up with demanding commitments or having to meet impending deadlines can keep you on your toes and can bring unwanted stress.

Share it with your supervisor

If anything is bugging you at the workplace and it’s not in your control, then there is no need to get stressed out. It may be best to let your supervisor know what you are up against, since keeping him or her in the dark would only lead to speculation that could take them down the wrong path in their decision of what to do with you. In addition, discussing your concerns and work-related problems with your higher ups can help you to release the stress.  

If the problem is more personal and you feel that it may not be productive to discuss with your boss, you might want to consider taking some days off and also discussing the problem with family or close friends, as it is not recommended to keep it to yourself.

Avoid multitasking

If you are already feeling stressed and anxious, then getting involved in multitasking can become a catalyst for the already worsened condition. Try to focus on one task at a time to relieve symptoms of stress.

Don’t get yourself exhausted with over thinking

Stress is very much related to the state of mind and over thinking is one of the things that can aggravate the situation of work-related stress by overwhelming the mind. Getting consumed in work related worries that won’t matter after a while will only take a toll on your mental health.

How to deal with stress at home

Home is the place to be yourself and to get the relaxation you need. Unfortunately, in many practical situations, there are certain problems that make family life stressful. One should be very sincere in dealing with such domestic stresses for a happy life.

  • People often lose their cool while dealing with stressful conditions at home. Remember, it will only amp up the stress levels of the whole family and there are no chances that the problem will go away with your aggressive and irrational behavior.
  • Finances are also one of the main reasons that induce domestic stress. In any such circumstances — where you are facing a financial challenge — it is better to deal with it through cooperation among all family members. A shared responsibility from all family members will help you face the issue at hand, and will also lower the levels of stress at home.
  • Many times, domestic stress gets aggravated because of minor nuisances. You can save yourself all this unnecessary stress by keeping your demeanor as amenable as possible. Be cool. Learn to breathe.  

Deal with stress through dietary means

Apart from acting on all the above mentioned tips, there are certain food items that can help you relieve your stress levels. Make them a part of your dietary lifestyle to feel happy and stress-free.

Cashew nuts

Zinc deficiency in the body can bring several psychiatric disorders, and stress is one of them. You can replete the levels of zinc by adding cashew nuts in your diet. Cashew nuts can be used in different recipes. They can also be consumed exclusively as a snack.

Dark chocolate

According to a research conducted by the University of Bern in Switzerland, the use of dark chocolate can alleviate the effects of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that are associated with stressful conditions. While dark chocolate is healthy and has antioxidants and a variety of minerals, those with less than 70% cocoa contain dairy and sugar. An excessive use of it might lead to weight gain.


This spring vegetable is high in folic acid, which is considered good for cognitive health and stress conditions. Use steamed asparagus in salads. You can also roast asparagus stalks for a crispier texture.


If you are experiencing a stressful situation for a long time, then your immune system will also bear the brunt of it. When using different food items to relieve consequences of stress, garlic can come handy in boosting your immune system since it is packed with many antioxidants. Garlic is an all-season vegetable, and can become a part of nearly every meal.  

Medical Assistance

Seeking the advise and console of a medical professional is commonplace for people with depression and is highly recommended for those who are frequently affected.


Probably one of the most common ailments that would cause someone to go to therapy would be stress and the related problems that would be associated with it. A counselor can help you manage your anxiety better than you are probably doing yourself.

If you find yourself in constant anxiety, don’t go through it alone. A therapist would be highly recommended.


Pills on a table
Always seek the advise of a medicial professional before taking ANY medication

Now we come to a path that many, many people pursue, and for good reason! Drugs can be a major benefactor in managing to keep you calm, but caution is highly suggested!

A doctor or certified practitioner are the only ones who can prescribe the appropriate medication for you.
There are so many drugs on the market, it is very important for a physician to determine what would be best for you and you may be surprised how much better you could feel with the proper mediation and respective dosage.

If I may depict one case history where a 45 year old man lost his father to heart failure. For eleven months, the man was blaming himself with the notion that he could have done things better while his father was in ailing condition, not realizing that guilt is a common issue for someone to feel when they lose a loved one, but most of the time, it is totally unwarranted. “Why didn’t I do it this way” or “I could have done this differently” are common thoughts a guilty person may go through; however, for many people who suffer guilt after a loss, the fact is that nothing would have been different, and as they say “It is all in your head”. But in the mind of the person suffering from it, it is die-hard real.

The ongoing guilt and the grief was causing this man to have episodes of depression and when not in depression, he would suffer from serious anxiety attacks. It wasn’t until he seeked medical help that a prescription plan was provided to him and after a few weeks, his guilt began to dissipate to the point that one morning when he woke up, he felt entirely free of his guilty feeling.

This happened because he was initially lacking the chemical serotonin in his brain, which caused him to think irrationally and once the proper medication was provided to him, his serotonin level increased to the point that his anxiety and depression was totally gone.

Referring to a popular metaphor, we can say that the man went from feeling that the glass was half-empty to the glass being half-full. In reality, this meant that he went from thinking that he could have done things better when aiding his father to instead, thinking about all the great things he did for his dad while he was living well and also while he wasn’t well.

If you plan to see a doctor, you can visit your family physician who would be able to recommend some limited amounts of prescription drugs that could help you cope through a bad situation, but for the long term, it would best to seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists are medical professionals whose specialty is your mental health as opposed to your physical health. They will be able to diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate medications that could you help you.

To go any deeper at this point would be beyond the scope of this article, but we hope that you have gained some important information while you were here.

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